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Welcome to the Crafts On-Line Crafty Sites Web Ring!   This web ring is designed to link together all mediums of craft sites on the internet. Linking together all craft related websites.  From email community groups to hobbies & craft sites to craft malls and shops. A Webring that encompasses any at all family safe crafty sites on the internet.

The Crafts On-Line Crafty Sites Web Ring is not just a ring that you join just to be a member of a ring.  Crafts On-Line will promote the Ring on an on-going process to the multitude of search engines that are available on the World Wide Web.  We believe that the more exposure to the site, the more traffic to each link that belongs to the ring.  We will also participate in as many type of advertising as possible to ensure that our members get their share of traffic from the many users on the internet.  This will be done free of charge and you may receive welcome messages from these sites from time to time.  Please, be aware, that it is Crafts On-Line that has generated these messages due to your free site promotion.  The information that you have submitted will be used for advertisement of your site.

The Crafts On-Line Crafty Sites Web Ring will only accept applications from family rated craft related sites.  If your site is for adults only or depicts any content that cannot be viewed by children, it will not be accepted in this Web ring.

What is a Ring?

A Web Ring is a mechanism that allows like-minded sites to link together. By using the ring, you can travel from one web site to another until you eventually end up back on the page you
started from. You can move in either direction thru the ring. You can also jump randomly
 around the ring.  A Web Ring will also attract like-minded viewers that are interested in the type of sites that a Web Ring offers.  Because of the multitude of links and membership on a Web Ring, the exposure and the chance that your site will be noticed is much greater than not belonging to any ring.

How Do I Sign My Site Up?  

  • It's simple and easy to become a member of the Crafts On-Line Crafty Sites Web Ring.  All you need to qualify is that you have a craft related site that has free projects, has images of your created craft projects, is a web page created for your crafty email group, sells craft related items, is a craft shop, is a craft mall, provides crafting supplies and resources and can be viewed by the general audience and rated safe for viewing by the entire family.  Please note, that submitting an application form does not mean that you will automatically become a member of the ring.  The Ring Master will check your site to make sure that your site qualifies for the ring.  Then we will need to check that you have entered the Ring Codes properly on your site.  We do not require that the Ring Codes be placed on your homepage, just make sure that you enter the correct URL for the page that the Ring Codes will be inserted.  However, the page must be part of your website.  Once your codes and site has been checked and it meets with our Ring criteria, you will be sent a notification that your site has been entered into the Crafts On-line Crafty Sites Web Ring. 

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